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Hello! I'm Joel Wright and I'm a Web and Graphic Design Artist. 

  • I develop conversion focused websites for your business.
  • I create compelling photos and graphics for your website.
  • I film and edit video that engages your audience. 

Web design Artist,

Creative  Direction For your project

Leading with creativity and experience. I bring artistic integrity to meaningful and purpose-driven creative projects. Excited to contribute to teams that value innovation and doing our best work!

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10+ Years of experience in Art content creation and web development 

Where Art Meets Technology: My Tech Stack


Webflow revolutionizes the web design process with its visual development interface, turning ideas into live, interactive websites with ease. It’s more than a tool; it’s a  creative playground where I bring designs to life ensuring each website stands as a unique work of art, reflecting the perfect blend of design prowess and technological innovation.


A robust and versatile platform, WordPress is where creativity meets functionality. As a pillar in the web development landscape, it offers a rich tapestry of themes and plugins that allow for the seamless creation and customization of websites. I use visual builders like Elementor and Thrive Architect.

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite is like a Swiss army knife in the domain of design, packed with an array of tools each designed to unleash a spectrum of creative possibilities. From Adobe Photoshop’s image magic to Adobe Illustrator’s vector versatility, the suite is a powerhouse that fuels my ability to create, innovate, and mesmerize through various forms of digital art and communication. 


In the realm of dynamic design, Figma emerges as a beacon of collaborative creativity. It enhances the design process, fostering real-time collaboration, and idea exchange, ensuring designs are not just visually compelling but also enriched with diverse perspectives and insights. Figma is the bridge that connects the islands of creativity in a unified, interactive design ecosystem

My Most Recent Work of 2023

Artist's Website Design

Yes, this is my own personal site and is live and functions in a multi-use capacity. The main purpose of this website is to serve in not only showcasing my own tattoo work, artwork and social media but e-commerce original art and print sales as well as booking tattoo clients. 

Over 70% of the traffic is from devices so I design for mobile first. Not to say the desktop version is an afterthought but I design for the traffic preference first. 

This site has been operational for 10+ years and I have redesigned it about once per year learning how to improve it and upgrade the tech stack over a long period of time. desktop site. responsive site.

Logo Design

I just recently redesigned the logo and remixed branding such as fonts and color pallets for 


Most of the traffic to this site is organic. Search engine optimization for specific keywords is how clients connect with this website through search traffic. Search: Joel Wright Art (search keyword targeting not limited to "Joel Wright Art")


I use a learning management system to deliver video content to clients to help make their experience more informed and increase confidence and security. 

Sales Page and Funnel

My customer journey starts with a subscription to a booking email newsletter and has a chance for consultation. Then  the client has an opportunity to checkout and gains access to the LMS video series.

Retail E-commerce Website

he Alchemist Arts Co website is a meticulously curated digital platform, where every element reflects a blend of traditional artistry and modern innovation. As the architect behind this website, I embarked on a comprehensive journey encompassing various facets of web development and design to breathe life into this creation.

Utilizing Shopify as the backbone, the website was designed to embody the essence of Alchemist Arts Co’s unique offerings. Careful consideration was invested in creating a layout that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless navigation experience.


a screen shot of the website profile for desktop desktop site. responsive site.

Font and Color Pallet

I selected custom fonts and color pallets for the website design, branding and social media posts to match in all brand messaging. 


I captured a collection of photographs that would feature the artist's jewelry. Each photograph is a testament to the detailed craftsmanship and artistry of the products, showcasing them in a light that mirrors their real-world elegance.

AI Assisted Product Descriptions

Leveraging AI technology, sophisticated and engaging product descriptions were crafted. Each description not only outlines the product’s features but also tells a story, enabling customers to connect with the essence of each product.

AI Crafted Blog Images

AI was also employed in the crafting of compelling images for blog posts. This approach ensured the creation of visuals that resonate with the content, enhancing the overall storytelling and engagement factor of the blogs.

Jewelry Website Design

The Sarah Wright Jewelry website is a digital storefront, where the meticulous craftsmanship of .925 sterling silver and electroform copper jewelry meets the innovative allure of modern web design. The creation of this digital space encapsulates an extensive array of processes and creative executions that harmonize the artist’s essence with a technologically optimized environment.

Utilizing WordPress + Woocommerce, a retail business was crafted that mirrors the elegance and sophistication of Sarah Wright’s jewelry collections. Every aspect of the website, from its structure to its navigation, has been fine-tuned to create a fluid and captivating user experience. desktop site. responsive site.

Woocommerce Shopping Cart

With WooCommerce at its core, the website has been optimized to not only showcase the exquisite pieces but also facilitate a seamless and secure purchasing process. This thoughtful integration ensures that each visitor’s journey, from exploration to purchase, unfolds with utmost ease and confidence.


A gallery of carefully captured photographs decorate the website, each image a reflection of the unique artistry and meticulous detail invested in the jewelry. These visuals serve as a bridge, connecting the tangible intricacies of the jewelry with the digital realm.


The website also serves as a vibrant portfolio for the artist. It has been designed to articulate the story, inspiration, and meticulous craftsmanship behind each piece, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the artist’s creative journey.

AI Crafted Blog Images

The narrative approach aims to forge a connection between the artist’s vision and the audience's appreciation.

Email Opt-in Landing Page

This project involved designing an efficient and effective landing page focused primarily on email opt-in conversion. The objective was to create a straightforward user experience that encourages visitors to easily and quickly provide their email information. The layout was meticulously planned to ensure immediate visibility of the opt-in form, optimizing the page for lead capture, and further communications.

The landing page also incorporates a professional gallery featuring four select pieces of artwork. Each image is displayed with clarity and precision, ensuring that visitors can fully appreciate the quality and detail of the work presented. The gallery is strategically positioned to engage visitors, providing visual enhancement that complements the overall functionality of the page. Every aspect of the design, from layout to image selection, was carefully curated to optimize user engagement and facilitate a smooth, productive visitor experience. desktop site. responsive site.

Webflow portfolio

My Webflow specialization portfolio is on a Webflow website. You can check that out here by clicking the button below. 

About Me.

I am open to work and actively looking for new projects. Let's connect and see if we are good fit for your project. 

Feedback from Clients and Coworkers

Jason Williams

Benchmark American Brasserie

" Joel is a great artist and excellent web designer. He really knows marketing with tech."

Caleb Pittman

Property Manager

" I've worked with Joel on many web design projects and he is easy to manage and fun to work with. We have also had some laughs along the way too"